Thank You

Thank you for your interest in contributing to my campaign.

Frisco faces some unique challenges over the next few years. In order to continue the vision of sound growth balanced with fiscal responsibility, I feel compelled, more than ever, to serve Frisco on City Council for another term.

I cannot do this alone. With Frisco's continued growth, it is imperative that we reach out to the many new citizens in the community. As such, any successful campaign will require advertising, brochures, signs, nametags, etc. Unfortunately, this communication costs money.

I can assure you that 1) We will spend every dollar as responsibly as possible in order to win the race, and 2) If re-elected, I will continue to represent you and the rest of Frisco in the same manner as I have since my very first term in 2002. Thank you for your participation in Frisco’s ongoing success.

Contributions can be made via PayPal or sent directly to my Treasurer, Ed Szczebak. Please continue below.

or send checks to

Bob Allen for Frisco
c/o Ed Szczebak
7433 Reflection Bay Dr
Frisco, TX 75034

Thank you for your confidence and support … Bob Allen.


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