Thank You for Your Support

I want to take a second to thank everyone for their commitment, passion and support throughout the recent City Council election season. I am excited for the opportunity to continue serving you on the Frisco City Council and I will continue to work to maintain your trust.

I appreciate all of the candidates that were willing to sacrifice their time for this grueling process. I also appreciate all of the unpaid individual supporters of each of the candidates, who continue to demonstrate how volunteerism makes Frisco such a special place. Finally, I appreciate everyone that found their way to the polls to exercise their most important right and responsibility; to vote.

We began the campaign season over six months ago and I’m very grateful to everyone who opened their homes for the events, introduced me to their neighbors and actively campaigned along beside me during the entire process. I am particularly grateful for my primary campaign team that seemed to grow and multiply throughout the campaign. Your energy and commitment were an incredible source of inspiration to me.

With the election now behind us, we can once again focus on the future of this incredible community. I made several promises to you during the campaign and I have already begun to deliver on those promises, but there is still work to do. I remain focused on the details we’ve discussed and committed to bringing them into reality.

By working together over the past several years, we have accomplished what most cities can only aspire to achieve. We have built that special community that shines as a guiding light for others. There is a reason we are the fastest growing city in America, but we must continue to think and act progressively if we are to continue our success. Despite our tremendous growth and development, we have kept our tax rate low and our city services second to none. I promise to continue to build on our experience, increase our success and focus on our future.

Thank you again for your confidence and support. I look forward to continuing to serve you.

Best regards,


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